Achieving More Testimonials

“Achievement for All is probably the most focused and yet the most flexible programme that I've ever been involved with.”

– Headteacher, Secondary School, Warwickshire


“At [our academy] Achievement for All (AfA) is a whole school intervention strategy – all our students benefit from this model. We have been involved with AfA for several years and we are now a Lead AfA Hub.”

– Caludon Castle School, Warwickshire


“Working with Achievement for All has been a really positive experience for [our academy]. The programme has helped us ensure an even sharper focus on attainment and process for all students and has provided exciting new ideas to build on existing good practice in working in partnership with parents. We are extremely proud to have been awarded Quality Mark status in recognition of our outstanding practice in supporting students that are vulnerable to underachievement.”

– Associate Headteacher, London


“[Our school was] awarded Quality Lead status in July 2017. This is the highest level of recognition from Achievement for All. The award recognises [our] work in raising the educational outcomes and wellbeing of all children and young people. [We were] recognised as being an exemplar of a school where breadth and balance to the curriculum has been maintained despite numerous recent pressures and changes to assessment and the curriculum. The children... are lucky to have a curriculum that has been written around their bespoke needs.”

– Yeo Moor Primary School, Somerset


“[We were] the first school in Hertfordshire to attain the Achievement for All Quality Mark, and we continue to follow this program which aims to develop collaborative working between the school, parents and outside support networks.”

– Strathmore Infant and Nursery School, Hertfordshire