How much will it cost? 

Intervention schools will have to pay £2000 per year- £4000 in total. This can be invoiced to be spread over 2 financial years. Due to EEF funding, this is a heavily subsidised rate as the programme normally costs schools £6,000 per annum.  Control schools will not pay anything. All schools will get a £500 incentive payment if they comply will all the evaluation requirements. 

What if I pull out? 

Schools can pull out if they need to, but no refunds can be given. It is highly recommended that schools read all information carefully and if possible, attend a recruitment event before signing up, so they are clear on the commitment. When schools pull out it can have a negative impact on the research, so we advise that they work with AfA and, where appropriate, NFER to find solutions to any issues they are facing before making the decision to withdraw. Where schools have taken a place on the trial they have effectively denied another school a place, so wherever possible, withdrawal needs to be avoided.  

How does the incentive payment work? 

The evaluation requirements are listed in the evaluation document, where they are met in full a one-off payment of £500 will be made to control and intervention schools. NFER will validate that the requirements have been met and AFA will make the payments to schools. 

How much extra work will this be? 

The Achieving Early programme is designed to complement and enhance your existing improvement plans, working with schools to develop areas that are often already identified. The coach will visit for ½ day a month to meet with key personnel and to discuss plans, so there will be a need for some release time. This is flexible, so some time can be allocated to after school, staff meetings and inset days. It may also mean that different people are released for different sessions. There will be an expectation that CPD modules are undertaken between visits, all of this will be to support the identified priorities and move the school towards outstanding practice.  

How and when do I pay?  

The intervention schools will be invoiced for £2000 in November 2020 and a further £2000 in September 2021. Schools do have the option of paying the full amount of £4000 in November 2020 if they prefer. 

What happens if there is a change of staff? 

Where changes of staff happen, the Achievement coach is able to support the needs of the new and remaining staff to work together to make a smooth transition. The programme is able to support the common challenges that schools face when changes of staff occur. 

What information do I give the parents? 

Schools will be given an information sheet for parents so they fully understand the research and the impact it will have on their child. 

What happens if I can't identify a target group? 

Schools will be given information on how to choose their target children and the criteria for doing so. It is recommended that school use any entry systems to identify possible children such as meetings with parents, handover notes, notes from outside agencies and existing knowledge of families. Schools will have approximately 1 month after the term begins (Sept 2020) to finalise their list. 

Can I change the target group? 

Once the target group is set and baseline testing has happened, it cannot be changed. It is recognised that some children may leave the school or their parents may withdraw them, but no new children can be added after baseline testing 

Can parents opt out? 

Yes, parents can withdraw but it is recommended that schools make the benefits clear to them before they do so. 

When will I know if I am selected for the intervention? 

Once baseline testing has happened and the results collected the randomisation process will happen. This is likely to be during October ½ term break. You should hear during the first week of November 2020 and if you are in the intervention group and your first visit should be later in November.