Following lunch, delegates will have the opportunity to join three expert panel / expert led breakout sessions offering focused CPD. Delegates can choose one topic from each session.

Session One

Terrific Twos, excellent provision in early years

  • Maureen Hunt, Achievement for All
  • Ruth Swales, National Leadership Consultant
  • Theresa Johnson, PACEY
  • Tracie Linehan, BeyondAutism

Young offenders, alternative provision and exclusion

  • Kiran Gill, The Difference
  • Lord Listowel
  • Marius Frank, Achievement for All
  • Professor Sonia Blandford, Achievement for All

Engaging children in reading and the importance of libraries

  • Annie Everall OBE, Authors Aloud UK

  • Sue Ball, Chair, National Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians

  • Gill Harris, Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services

  • Colin Brown, Skoolbo
  • Sue Burrows, Achievement for All

Developing study skills in preparation for the post-16 world

  • Judith Munro, Brockenhurst Sixth Form
  • Lainy Russell, Achievement for All
  • Claire Parry, Pearson

Session Two

Understanding Children Looked After: the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on academic achievement

  • Anne Cameron, Achievement for All

  • Tony Clifford, Attachment Research Community

  • Dr Alex Chard, YCTCS Ltd
  • Melissa Green, The Fostering Network
  • Colin Turner, The Fostering Network
  • Professor Sonia Blandford, Achievement for All

Unlocking progress and academic achievement through wellbeing and building core strength

  • Paul Main

  • Tom Ravenscroft, Enabling Enterprise

  • Dr Robert Kempson, Rhondda Cynon Taf Local Authority

  • John Sheppard, Resilience Doughnut
  • Paul Green, Lyng Hall

  • Andrea Downer, Kingsford Community College
  • Georgina Newton, University of Warwick
  • Karen Iles, Achievement for All

Revealing journeys and hidden troubles in universal service systems: seven tips for building data, evidence and insight

  • Marc Radley, CACI

  • Marius Frank, Achievement for All

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

  • John Hicks
  • Lucy Czakan
  • Lorna Woolley
  • Dr Faye Faville
  • Mr Arran Smith
  • Lord Addington
  • Nasser Siabi

Behavioural policies and vulnerable children

  • Dr Janet Rose

  • Gemma Wilks, Welsh Government

  • Sally Kelly, NAVSH
  • Daniel Sobel, Inclusion Expert
  • Tracie Linehan, BeyondAutism
  • Amanda Jones, Achievement for All
  • Mike Donovan, Achievement for All

Session Three  

Managing transitions in early years

  • Maureen Hunt, Achievement for All
  • Ben Clay, LEYF Nurseries
  • Sue Newman, Boogie Mites
  • Michelle Doyle Wildman, Parentkind

Supporting speech, language and communication

  • Maxine Burns, I CAN

  • Karen Iles, Achievement for All
  • Stephen Parson, NAPLIC 

Embedding positive mindsets in teaching staff and learners


  • Judith Munro, Brockenhurst Sixth Form
  • Kirsti Lord, Association of Colleges
  • Lainy Russell, Achievement for All

  • Laura Bromberg, Achievement for All
  • Professor Sonia Blandford, Achievement for All

Improving teacher retention and CPD

  • Professor Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Plymouth Marjon University
  • Niall Alcock, CPDBee

  • Jen Barker, Teach First

  • Cornelia Lucey, The People Project
  • Loic Menzies, LKMCo
  • Derek Peaple, Park House School
  • Tom Moule, CENTURY Tech
  • Kris Wodehouse, Achievement for All


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