“For one particular child on the Achievement for All programme, the transformation was amazing... She went from a child that didn't really put too much effort into her work, thinking, you know, 'It'll do', to becoming a child that really felt 'I could do this. I can get the best out of this.' It really gave her the knowledge that she could do it; a belief in herself.”

– Deputy Headteacher, Primary School, Warwickshire


“Definitely be involved in something like this because you'll notice the difference in your child immensely. It just changes your life, it really does... it makes your children happier and you have a happy home environment.”

– Parent of child involved in the Achievement for All programme


“It's the best training I've been on for a long time, because I've seen a direct result in my school”

– Infant School, London


“Initially we started with groups of children whose parents we felt needed some extra support with their children at home and to help them understand more about what was being provided for their child in school. As the project developed we were able to explore other key areas of learning in school. In the end Achievement for All helped us to increase the good practice of our Teachers and our Teaching Assistants, it enabled and motivated parents and helped us to close the gaps for some of our most vulnerable learners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank [our AfA coach] for all her professional support and our parents who have supported us with this initiative.”

– Deputy Headteacher, First School, Worcestershire


“I'd definitely recommend Achievement for All. Anything that involves a parent with their child's education has got to be a good thing.”

– Parent