Jack-in-the-Box Pre-School Nursery

Parents and key workers try 'Taking Time for Talk', and watch as it transforms their children's experiences in education.

The Context

Jack-in-the-Box is a privately owned pre-school nursery in Bournemouth, Dorset. Opened in 2004, the nursery takes a holistic approach to the learning and play of young children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The Impact of Achieving Early

Since becoming one of the first participants in Achieving Early, Jack-in-the-Box has enthusiastically adopted the 'Taking Time for Talk' technique, making informal meetings between key workers, parents and carers both longer and more regular, and available to all. 

One mother, Claire, described the positive impact the programme has had on her involvement with her son's education: “['Taking Time for Talk'] tells me more about how [Jake] is. Before it was only a 10-minute chat, now it's over half an hour. I get to know the insight of everyday. I know who he's playing with. This term's a new term so I know if he's made new friends, and I know exactly what he's like. It makes a big difference.” Jake's key worker, Karen, added, “It gives me an insight, really, to see what he's like outside of here... I get to see the whole Jake, not just part of Jake.”

Another mother, Laura, said: “It has definitely changed, doing 'Time for Talk'... before, with my older one, I wouldn't really say much to the key worker because I hadn't really had much interaction with her. Yes, I knew she was there if I needed her, but I didn't really say anything to her... Now we have the time to use everything [the key workers] have got for us... It does give you a lot more insight”.

Key worker Karen added that Achieving Early has helped “to follow [the child's] interests, to plot their next steps together”