Alice's Story

One girl shakes off a record of shyness and poor attendance, becoming an active member of the school.

The Context

Alice was a very quiet child who would not engage with learning. Her attendance was below 96% and her attainment was below age related expectations. Her teachers were worried that her lack of communication would further impact on her learning. Alice and her siblings were placed on a Child Protection Plan, and she found it difficult to cope in school during this period.

The Impact of Achieving Schools

Alice's parents found it hard to speak to the school, but agreed to take part in Achievement for All’s Structured Conversations. During the first meeting, Alice’s mum explained that she was pregnant and not coping with day to day activities which included supporting her children. She said she was concerned Alice had special educational needs (SEN).

Alice was monitored and interventions for Phonics and Reading were put in place. A Breakfast Club for vulnerable children was introduced and Alice was invited to attend. Because of this, Alice’s attendance improved steadily. Alice worked in a variety of intervention groups and one-to-ones. These interventions and communications with her parents positively impacted on her attitude and her learning. She began to grow as she took part in new opportunities.

Following involvement with Structured Conversations, Alice also began to open up more to staff in school. She began taking part in after school clubs which encouraged her to interact with her peers and other adults. Her friendships grew and she became more animated.

 Alice is now a School Counsellor who actively joins in in discussions. During the Achieving Schools' focus group meetings she is always one of the first to share her thoughts and experiences. Her attendance has greatly improved and she is currently working at age related expectations.