Achieving Early Testimonials

“Beginning the Achieving Early programme in the early years has helped identify those children who may have gone under the radar earlier and has enabled better outcomes for them in the future”

– Early Years Setting Leader

“Achieving Early helps us to be the best we can be”

– Nursery Manager

“[Our son] looks forward to coming to pre-school and we are delighted with his improved behaviour. He is much calmer at home now as well as at pre-school. The 'Taking Time for Talk' meetings have helped us to find other ways to engage [him] in games and activities at home which have helped to develop his skills and play appropriately. All the staff are very approachable and willing to listen to my concerns. It’s fantastic to be able to celebrate this improvement in [his] behaviour.”

– Parent, Pre-School Setting, Warwickshire

“I've got a lot of information out of the parents that I wouldn't have necessarily done in our previous format., so it's been really helpful to find a bit more depth behind the child and where the parent thinks they are...  It helps me in terms of the children's interest... In terms of what I can do with them to further their development it's really good because I can find out what the parent wants me to do as well.”

– Key Worker, Pre-School Setting, Dorset

“[Achieving Early] helped me to support my child's learning. It's given me ideas of things to do at home”

– Parent, Achieving Early Pilot Impact Report

“Before we were part of the programme, I felt overwhelmed by the size of my role and everything that I had to do, but Achieving Early has really helped me to develop my leadership and management skills so I am able to prioritise and effectively manage my workload confidently. The training and support given to me means that I am also confident to train my staff well, which enables us all to do much better for the children in our setting, and this shows in their raised achievement. We receive very positive feedback from other professionals that support our children and our progress was reflected in our Ofsted inspection report.”

– Nursery Manager, Warwickshire