Achieving Early Firm Foundation Impact

Achieving Early Firm Foundation uses evidence-based methods with a proven track record of success, adopting strands from Achieving Early and Achieving Schools. Just a few of these results are listed below.

  • The progress of targeted children in reading, writing and maths is up to 50% above national expected levels. AfA 2015-16 Impact Report
  • 100% of parents indicated that the Structured Conversations ('Taking Time for Talk') had been helpful in supporting their child's learning. AEP Report, 2016
  • 100% of practitioners reported higher levels of confidence in working with parents. AEP Report, 2016

“Being part of Achievement for All London Primary Programme has had a positive impact across subjects. In enabling teachers to focus on speaking, listening and differentiation, it has encouraged greater independence in the children.”

Fair Education Alliance Report – 'Closing the attainment gap in maths, February 2017 

Further details of our programmes' demonstrable effects on children can be viewed by reading our Impact Reports