Pupil Premium Practice Review Testimonials

“The Achievement for All review was very supportive. You feel you are working in partnership with the coach. And you feel empowered to say what you are doing and what your plans are. It’s a genuine collaboration.”

Assistant Headteacher, Secondary School, Cheshire


“Our coach was worth her weight in gold with significant credibility, she understood the school within 30 minutes of the visit. The process and detail of the final report was one of the best experiences we have had as a school. The recommendations in the report were spot on.”

 Headteacher, Secondary School, Lancashire


“Before, we thought treating Pupil Premium students the same as the others was fair. After the PPP review, we realised we were focusing on equality rather than equity; we need to give these students more to get more out. So we changed our focus”

 Assistant Headteacher, Secondary School, Cheshire