A Pupil Premium Practice Review can make a huge difference, closing the gaps in education for disadvantaged children and young people. Participation in the project empowers schools to make positive and constructive changes, meaning Pupil Premium children can join in and learn.

An Assistant Headteacher whose school took part in the PPP Review said: “Employing a Key Stage Four Pupil Premium mentor, who only works with those students, has had a big impact and our parental engagement has improved as a direct result of the AfA PPP review. For example, we will be starting Saturday morning maths and science sessions soon for our Year 11 Pupil Premium students. We say to parents, he/she is sitting on three and he/she needs to get a five; parents support us on this. We have good teachers at the school and they take the sessions. Our destination data is showing that more pupils than ever from socio-economic disadvantage are following an academic pathway at post 16".