2018 Meetings and Resources

At our first meeting in February, we explored the links between wellbeing  and attainment, particularly for looked after and previously looked after children.  You can view and download the presentation here.

In March we started to introduce Emotion Coaching as a communication and co-regulation tool to help children and young people to understand and manage emotion.  You can view and download the presentation here.

In April, we looked at how schools can identify, understand and meet the needs of previously looked after children.  You can view and download the presentation here and also at the revised statutory guidance and what that looks like for Northumberland DTs, view and download here.

Additional resources referenced in the April sessions:

Getting it right for every child

Meeting the needs of adopted children

PAC UK Cards

Pupil Premium Case Studies

In May, Toni Macguire from the Virtual School joined us to look at Designated Teacher duties around PEPs and how to make them meaningful and effective.  You can view Toni's presentation here and Kath's presentation here, plus please check out our FREE DT toolkit section on Effective PEPs for further resources.

Our first meeting of the new academic year in September looked at whole school approaches to supporting looked after and previoulsy looked after children, you can download the presentation here.