This year, we are supporting  Northumberland Virtual School to pilot a Designated Teacher Accreditation Programme,  essential DT training which will be required as part of fulfilling the statutory DT role.  This is currently a work in progress, we will disseminate more infomation as it develops but in the meantime please contact with any questions.

Aims of the accreditation programme: 

  • To raise profile of DT role in settings at SLT/Governor level 
  • To enhance the skill set of individual DTs  
  • To enhance quality and implementation of PEPs 
  • To better understand and meet the ongoing training needs  
  • To build sustainability and contribute to professional development of Northumberland DT Hub 

Accreditation Criteria: 

  • Completion of online accreditation log book  including self-evaluation report 
  • Completion and submission of annual DT report to Governors 
  • Attendance at least six DT hub training sessions 2018/19 
  • Submission of impact case study
  • 15-30 min practice sharing at DT Hub meeting
  • Increase in quality and implementation of PEPs, as assessed by Virtual School
  • For those new to DT role – completion of existing online induction and follow up visit with VS ESLAC