LiFT programmes and resources are designed specifically to bring the expertise of Achievement for All, schools and virtual schools together, based on learning from the London Fostering Achievement programme. Since 2014, Achievement for All has worked in partnership with virtual schools and local authorities to deliver tailor-made coaching options for school leaders, governors, teaching staff, support staff and foster carers to improve the wellbeing and educational attainment of looked after children.

We know that every virtual school is different and so work to identify and plan a programme of coaching activity that best suits each one's needs – whether it be direct work with schools via our Achieving Schools or Achieving Wellbeing (CLA) programmes,  establishing a Designated Teacher Hub, peer support for school staff and foster carers, or help in reviewing the impact of the Pupil Premium Plus spend.

The Achieving Wellbeing (CLA) programme coaches and supports Designated Teachers to promote a whole school culture where the personalised learning needs of every care experienced child and young person and their personal, emotional and academic needs are prioritised in order to improve wellbeing and attainment.

Integral to LiFT and delivery of our programmes and training is the expertise and support of our Achievement Coaches. These coaches work closely with schools across the country to review current practice and target improved outcomes for care experienced children and young people.