The Emotion Coaching Programme is a year-long programme of either 3, 6, 9 or 12 half day coaching visits. Depending on your need, it can consist of just a core pathway covering development of an implementation plan, awareness-raising and training or an extension pathway which also supports additional evaluation activity.

All programme models start with an Emotion Coaching Review and your setting will have access to the Emotion Coaching programme on the Bubble for one year to support training and implementation.

On at three-visit programme you will receive coaching and training to begin and depending on where your setting is on the journey, to develop Emotion Coaching practice

On a six-visit programme, you will receive coaching and training to begin and develop Emotion Coaching practice in your setting and evaluate progress and impact.

On a nine (or more) visit programme, you'll benefit from coaching and training to begindevelop and sustain Emotion Coaching practice in your setting and evaluate your progress and impact - please see section 3 Understanding Impact and Developing Practice.​

Much more than just a training day, we visit regularly to coach and support meaningful, whole setting implementation. 

Module Unit1 (Core) - Understanding the need:

The first module sets the scene for the whole programme and starts with a thorough review to gauge where your setting is and where it needs to move to next to fully implement a whole school approach, from awareness and acceptance that emotions directly affect learning all the way through to adopting, adapting and sustaining Emotion Coaching whole school. 

The review looks at strategic leadership, governance, leadership and management by a school champion, staff performance, quality of practice, self-awareness in staff, pupil progress, use of support staff, parent/carer engagement, learner participation and relationships.  Our coach then works with an identified School Champion to plan and implement the programme, supported by online resources in The Bubble – programme map here

Module Unit 2 (Core) - Introduction and Neuroscience:

The second module critically explores recent neuroscientific evidence and builds the case for a whole school approach to nurturing an empathetic rather than punitive approach to managing challenging behaviour, including an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the brain, brain development and the impact of stress in relation to our emotional responses.

Module Unit 3 (Core) - What is emotion coaching?:

The third module gives education professionals an insight into the principles of the approach and the impact of different response styles on child development

Module Unit 4 (Core) - Meta emotion philosophy:

The fourth module gives us an opportunity to look at our own experiences and emotional responses and the impact they have on those around us.

Module Unit 5 (Core) - How to emotion coach:

The fifth module is a practical journey exploring how to emotion coach with role play, coaching activities and tools designed to turn understanding of the research into practice and to support the embedding of Emotion Coaching principles throughout the whole school community.

Module 6 (Extension) - Understanding the impact:

This module is dedicated to those wanting coach support to evaluate the difference that implementing Emotion Coaching has made to the setting.  Our Coach will support staff to implement and fine tune their approaches to Emotion Coaching. Our coach will conduct learning walks, capture and review baseline and progress behaviour and exclusion data, facilitate teacher/parent/child interviews through an Emotion Coaching approachand capture a case study of good practice to communicate the value of the approach both internally and externally.  Impact will contribute to growing the evidence base around Emotion Coaching in schools in partnership with Emotion Coaching UK.