This is a new Programme from Achievement for All, designed to support Leaders of SEND provision in all mainstream education settings, from Early Years through Primary and Secondary to 16+:

  • Primarily written for the SENCO, whether new to the role and currently completing the SENCO National Qualification, or for serving SENCOs wishing to influence and extend inclusive practice, especially given the impact of the Covid pandemic on vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people
  • Headteachers and other Senior Leaders with Line Management responsibilities, as well as Designated Governors
  • The resources can also be used directly with Middle Leadership to increase knowledge awareness and impact on children and young people with SEND through their subject or year group responsibilities.

It is abundantly clear that more children will need help than ever before to secure their academic progress and counter the intense impact of lockdown (it is estimated, on average, that children has missed 19 weeks of education- for some vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people, this figure is significantly higher). Some children have been traumatised, and in some cases, re-traumatised, by Lockdown.

But putting more learners onto the SEND Register will not be the answer!

Precious time effort and resource of a special needs provision has to be focussed for maximum gains.

Now more than ever, meeting the needs of children and young people with SEND is everyone's responsibility.

Achieving SENCO Leadership has been written for the here and now, a vital tool in rebuilding confidence and ability to learn in your learning community.

The Programme is written in the form of an animated handbook: a web resource that is up to date, and continuously updated, bringing the latest thinking and approaches, materials and resources to the screens of every relevant member of staff and Governor.

Each Module (or Section) focusses on a different aspect of SEND Leadership, consisting of Module Units (Chapters) containing resources, ideas, reflective activities and hyperlinks to additional information and guidance.

Each section is stand alone, but inter-related, enabling a setting to prioritise professional development aligned 100% to identified needs and improvement planning.

Different groups of staff, governors and leaders can simultaneously access the Programme, supporting parallel developments fine-tuned the needs of each team.

Support from Achievement for All can be further enhanced and extended at any point by commissioning an Achievement for All Coach to work beside your Senior Leadership Team to support independent audit and Needs Analysis activity, leadership development and the delivery of whole-school or small group training, and reflective practice.

We are particularly grateful to the Swindon SEND Team who have generously given access to their SEND Core Standards framework, enabling us to illustrate clearly "SEND in action", modelling some of the most effective practice and illuminating pathways to improvement. We have also included material from our existing school improvement programmes that will help you improve your "quality first" Wave 1 teaching practice, as well as, for example, the effective deployment of Teaching Assistants to increase impact of Wave 2 SEN Support.

​Module 1 Covid-19 and the SEND Big Picture

This introductory module sets the scene, bringing together the essential strategic elements that will shape SEND leadership now and in the coming years: the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on children and young people with SEND; the 2014 SEND Reforms seven years on; changes to Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework and how it affords opportunity to demonstrate inclusivity through intent, implementation and impact; and a guide on how to use TheBubble (our online portal containing all of the materials) to maximum effectiveness within your learning community.

Module 2 Strategic Considerations

The six “chapters” in this section support leadership development activity, covering the role of the SENCO and effective relationships with teachers, senior leadership and governance, building the “team around the child”, engaging with your Local Offer, provision mapping, budget management and a reflection on children with complex needs (when SEND collides with structural disadvantage and wider health issues).

Module 3 Early Years into Primary

The section focuses exclusively on the importance of supporting early years settings through active partnership working, building relationships so that transition into Reception and onwards into Year 1 is as smooth and successful as possible- early identification and early help are the keys!

Module 4 Developing Wave 1 Provision

The resources here are extensive.

Firstly, the need to build expectations and culture are explored, so that SEND becomes everyone’s responsibility. This is followed by a wide range of tools and approaches, ideas and activities that support the development of high impact Wave 1 Quality First Teaching and Learning, including sections on the importance of identifying and meeting Speech Language and Communication Needs, as well as building (and re-building) resilience, self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Module 5 Wave 2 Interventions and Support

This section focusses on developing the concept of a graduated response to identified needs, and increasing the awareness within the setting of assess – plan – do - review has the heartbeat of effective SEND practice.

This section contains extensive and detailed resources designed to maximise the impact of Teaching Assistants so that Wave 2 interventions are better planned and implemented.

The section concludes with a reflection on the indicators, the process and the practice that supports an application for high needs funding and EHCPs (Education Health and Care Plans).

Module 6 EHCP Planning and Implementation

From managing the application process to managing appeals and timelines, including the importance of managing relationships with assessors, interventions and service providers, this module supports the development of a wider and deeper understanding of the EHCP process and the agencies that work with an education setting to support children and their families.

Building an effective and co-operative relationship with families, whatever the barriers, is stressed throughout, as well as putting the child (and the child’s active involvement, at the heart of processes and practice.

Module 7 Effective Practice, Processes and Ideas (for September 2021)

This programme will be constantly evolving, and for September 2021, additional material is planned covering topics with illustrated Case Studies such as example assessment and monitoring/tracking processes and paperwork, a SENCO Calendar, a deep dive into data management as well as additional signposting and links to useful resources that a feely accessible via the internet.

Module 8 Core Strength for SENCOs (for September 2021)

A full section devoted to Achievement for All’s cognitive acceleration framework, now being used extensively throughout the country to support the development of “learning readiness” during summer holiday government-funded HAF (Holiday Activity and Food) programmes.

From a SENCO perspective, the stronger and more robust your Wave 1 (universal classroom and whole school) provision, delivered by every member of staff within your setting, the more capacity you can devote to Wave 2 and Wave 3 provision.

This could be an ideal time too for a SENCO to work with Senior and Middle Leaders and review your wider curriculum offer.

By "wider", we mean those elements of teaching and learning (and provision) that are not explicitly linked to National Curriculum subject content and performance but act as critical enablers to support effective teaching and learning. That is why we call it a "courageous curriculum".

This approach aligns 100% to the new EIP (Education Inspection Framework) introduced in September 2019: if a setting can clearly demonstrate Intent - implementation – impact that is truly inclusive and opening pathways to success for every learner, the journey to outstanding is clearly illuminated.


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