“There are many courses and training [programmes] which boast how they support settings to engage with parents and vulnerable children. This course actually does.”

– Early Years Setting Manager, Coventry


Achieving Early works with setting leaders, practitioners, teachers, families and carers, to help children flourish and develop, ensuring their needs are met at every stage. With tailor-made plans, professional coaching, engaging workshops and expert techniques, we dramatically improve the support, confidence, and outcomes of all those involved in early years education, strengthening links and communication among staff and the whole community.


“[The Achieving Early programme] helped me to support my child's learning. It's given me ideas of things to do at home.”

– Parent, Achieving Early Pilot Impact Report 


Settings who join Achieving Early benefit from:

  • Individual programmes specially designed to meet the needs of the setting
  • Direct support from highly-trained Achievement Coaches
  • A wider network of almost 5,000 early years settings, schools and colleges
  • Partnerships with an array of governmental departments and agencies, third-sector organisations, and businesses, such as Microsoft's Digital Literacy Project
  • Careful monitoring of the programme's success, through an ongoing process of reviews


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