Coaching Programmes

Each one of Achievement for All's programmes and projects is tailored to meet the needs of individual early years settings, schools and colleges. We collaborate closely with our settings, schools and colleges to openly monitor and review the impact of our programmes – and, through investing in informed activity, are constantly striving to develop our services. As a result, our track record is one of demonstrable success, going back to the charity's earliest days. The cost of the programmes range from £1,400 to £5,950. Bespoke costings can be discussed for a group of schools, colleges or settings

Deep Leadership

New for September 2020. Public sector leaders have been challenged and stretched in an unprecedented way due to the Covid-19 crisis. From education settings (Executive Heads, Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers) to Youth Offending Team Leaders, from Children's Services to housing, social services, health and care: levels of stress and anxiety can become toxic and debilitating. This is a unique and powerful leadership development and support programme that explores the social and emotional aspects of leadership in extreme circumstances: supporting not only the growth of individual leaders in terms of personal resilience and stress management, but also helping leaders to put social and emotional wellbeing at the very heart of their teams, their organisations and their professional networks and communities.

Achieving SENCO Leadership

NEW FOR MAY 2021 Achieving SENCO Leadership is a unique Achievement for All offer, written for the here and now, in response to the Covid pandemic: a vital tool in rebuilding confidence and ability to learn in your education setting. The materials will support SENCOs, Governors and Senior Leaders with SENCO responsibilities, and middle leaders tasked with developing additional needs pedagogy and practice within their teams.

Achieving Early

Achieving Early works with setting leaders, practitioners, teachers, families and carers, to help children flourish and develop, ensuring their needs are met at every stage.

Achieving Early Firm Foundation

Achieving Early Firm Foundation works with school and setting leaders, staff, families and carers to identify, help and monitor the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children at the start of their journey through school.

Achieving Schools

Achieving Schools works closely with primary, special, secondary and free schools to dramatically enhance the goals and outcomes of their pupils.

Achieving Further

Achieving Further has been specially adapted to benefit all vulnerable learners – including those with SEND, learners in care, disengaged students and those living in poverty in further education

Achieving More

Achieving More will help your school and setting to continue to embed whole school improvement strategies resulting in increased rates of progress for more children across your school and setting.

Achieving Wellbeing

Achieving Wellbeing offers education settings a comprehensive set of complementary strategies and approaches to unlock academic achievement and accelerate progress by improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of an education setting

Achieving Wellbeing CLA

The Achieving Wellbeing (CLA) Programme coaches and supports Designated Teachers in schools and key staff in post-16 settings to promote a culture where the personalised learning needs of looked after and care experienced children and young people and their personal, emotional and academic needs are prioritised in order to improve wellbeing and attainment.

Emotion Coaching

Coaching support to embed and measure the impact of Emotion Coaching on the effectiveness of teaching and learning in your setting – an evidence-based tool that helps children to self-regulate and manage their emotions

Core Strength

Achievement for All has developed a unique approach to accelerating academic progress amongst vulnerable and disadvantaged learners, thereby closing the performance gap in education settings, raising standards and, ultimately, driving social mobility. We do this by building on the latest neuroscience and psychological research, addressing all the factors identified by EEF (Education Endowment Foundation) as effective strategies to improve metacognition, thus producing a leadership development and professional training programme that strikes at the very heart of learning and achievement, at every age and phase: welcome to Core Strength

Pupil Premium Reviews

Our Pupil Premium Reviews are a unique opportunity to understand the potential impact of effective spending on your most vulnerable children

Childminder Professional Development

The Childminder Professional Development project has been developed with experts at the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) to support the development of outstanding inclusive practice. Spring sale on now!

Youth Justice SEND

We support young offending teams, the youth secure estate and local authorities in effectively identifying and meeting young offenders’ Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

LiFT – Learning in Family Teams

LiFT consists of a range of programmes and resources designed to support schools and virtual schools in improving outcomes for looked after and care experienced children and young people, including free resources for Designated Teachers.

Want to know more about Achievement for All?

Working in partnership with early years settings, schools and colleges, we have reached c.200,000 children and young people experiencing challenges, needs and disadvantage, improving outcomes in reading, writing and maths up to 50% higher than the expected outcomes for all children. Download our information document to find everything you need to know about our programmes in one place.