From global stories to book bingo, Rhian Harris, Assistant Headteacher at Hauxton
Primary School in Cambridge, shares what they got up to for Achievement for All’s
100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge…

The launch of the 100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge came at the perfect time for us
in Hauxton Primary School. Like all schools, we work hard to promote a love of reading
within our community, and we aspired, this year, to design a Global Story Week, that would
create an even greater awareness of, and appreciation for, stories from across the globe.
Combined with 100 Million Minutes and the annual World Book Day, we aimed to give the
children a window into reading across the United Kingdom and around the world.

For me, there is nothing better than seeing children, from the youngest to the oldest, reacting
to a new story. In our Monday morning assembly, we recorded our first new story of the
week, from Portugal, on our world map; the children were invited to add their stories from
around the world as the week continued. A main aim of the week was to get the wider
community involved, and we were so pleased to have parents, carers and staff sharing
stories they love. The teachers revelled in the opportunity to choose a story to teach across
the school in our afternoon carousel of activities, and it was wonderful to hear staffroom
conversations about new books and authors. By the end of the week, we had visited
every continent and explored new countries and cultures together.

In the run up to the week, we invited every child to take part in a storytelling competition. We
were blown away by the participation numbers and it was fantastic to provide the children
with so much time to read, listen to and share new stories. They also gave amazing
feedback to their peers, showing a true appreciation for a range of storytelling skills and

World Book Day continues to be a favourite day in our school calendar, and we were so
impressed with the efforts of both staff and children to dress up with a global-story focus.
Some of our favourites were The Little Prince, Pippi Long stockings, an Italian worm, Mr
Tushman, Heidi, Thor, and Anne of Green Gables.


To end the week, we enjoyed our weekly Buddy Reading, introduced Book Bingo for each
class, and our storytelling winners were awarded with their prizes: an atlas to continue their
literary journey around the world.

The 100 Million Minutes Launch encouraged both children and adults to take a greater
responsibility for the time they spend reading and highlighted the need for us to celebrate
reading with family and friends. Our reading minutes have increased every day and the
children are extremely excited to see their position on the leader board. Most importantly,
they have a new respect for reading opportunities and are proud to share their LOVE of
reading with their peers!

The 100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge is a UK-wide campaign from Achievement
for All, which aims to ignite a love of reading among children and young people and
build brighter futures for all.

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