The big common themes across communities, schools, the voluntary sector and public services involve complex issues, regards the challenges of creating a safe environment and a services system that enhances life chances.

I have been working on applying learning about new data analysis tools and approaches using “system dynamics” to make predictions and “artificial machine learning and optimisation” to reveal hidden opportunities. These can be used to manage capacity in a local authority service area e.g. to prevent violence and violent crime such as murder. Insights are generated that equip local partnerships with greater confidence to invest in preventative approaches, putting in place a mix of changes to policy and practice to tackle issues earlier. Further, lower the rates of entry to systems and to know quickly when to adapt as demands change. The methods help quantify the costs of fragmented services and include how these can also damage, as well as they reveal hidden dynamic indicators of transformed cost and performance.

“System dynamics”, “Artificial machine learning” and “Optimisation” methods have been used in the risk and financial services industries for some time. However, because they rely of the availability of industry knowledge, data and information they are also typically a secret ingredient. A recent Nesta report confirms the methods are particularly useful for children’s services because much of the work of commissioners or frontline professionals including teachers and support workers etc. involves complex decision-making with lots of information which is increasingly available to share.

Seven tips for building data, evidence and insight

How can partnerships strengthen the use of data and information? Click here to read my seven tips on how you can collaborate with multiple agencies to generate tangible improvements.


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Keynote speakers will include Anne Longfield OBE, Children’s Commissioner for England, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Shadow Minister for Education (children and families), June O’Sullivan MBE, Chief Executive of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) and Thelma Walker MP, member of the Education Select Committee, amongst many others.

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