The UK education system is struggling to meet the needs of at least one in five children and young people: the disadvantaged, vulnerable and underachieving - 20% of children who are unprepared for their lives post 16, whether in education, training or employment.

Every Child Included in Educationis a collaborative manifesto, led by Achievement for All, that follows the publication of Born to Fail? Social Mobility: A Working Class View, which argues that if we don’t radically re-think our nation’s approach to social mobility millions of children will continue to be lost within our education system, impacting on their work and life chances.

We need to act fast and act now to galvanise society against what is ultimately the greatest social injustice of our time by bringing together all educational provision, private, independent and state in supporting and delivering change.

Every Child Included in Education is seeking all stakeholders including ministers, commissioners, senior government officials, business, public and third sector leaders to increase collaboration, support and training for all providers and services across the country.

Ultimately, this manifesto seeks to enhance life chances and provide choices for every child regardless of their background, challenge or need.

We are collaborating with leaders from business, education (state and independent across all phases and type, including Regional School Commissioners, Opportunity Area Boards, Teaching Schools Alliances and Research Schools), public and third sectors, parents and carers, and children and young people, to deliver against five co-developed Every Child Included in Education priorities:

  1. Promote kindness and wellbeing in education, business and third sector settings, where every child and young person is included every day, addressing mental health, character and resilience through culture and mutuality, celebrating tolerance, patience, friendship, creativity and problem solving

  2. Further investment across all phases of education,beginning with the early years that results in a socially and culturally relevant curriculum, increasing attainment in reading, writing and maths, enhancing life chances and culminating in a meaningful destination for every child

  3. Greater focus on teachers as professionallearners through recruitment, retention, and professional development that includes an enhanced understanding of the way disadvantaged and vulnerable children learn

  1. Reduce children and young people being excluded in education

  2. Increase responsibility for children at risk of exclusion through cross-agency collaboration to reduce exclusions and minimise the number of children and young people at risk

  3. Close the gap for SEND, too often the marginalised and forgotten group

  4. Increased recognition of parents, carers and wider communities, valuing all parents and carers as crucial partners in the improvement of learning and life chances for every child.

The Every Child Included in Education priorities are set within the context of the government’s Social Mobility Action Plan.We have created this collaborative campaign to focus activity and embed change over the next two years, including bringing together stakeholders at our national conference taking place on 17th October 2018 at Newbury Racecourse.

The Every Child Included in Education conference will take delegates through the journey of a child’s education from early years to post 16 (and beyond), bringing together schools, colleges, early years settings, parents, carers, businesses and sector leaders to share what an education system that leaves no child behind can look like in practice.

National experts from every phase of education will provide evidence-based advice on policy and practice. We will also feature a significant number of workshops, exhibitors from partner organisations, settings, schools and colleges.

For further information or to book your place, visit . Parents and carers can attend the conference for free!

Read the official press release here.