COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. There have been many organisations supported by celebrities that have provided help and funding where it's needed.

David Gandy, Achievement for All Ambassador since 2015,  has been a mentor, funder and supporter during these difficult times.

Achievement for All is a charity that has supported early years, schools and colleges by providing training, coaching, and leadership since it's creation in 2011. So far we have  reached 5,000 early years settings, schools and colleges impacting on over 100,000 vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.  Throughout the pandemic, Achievement for All has increased support for leaders, teachers, parents and carers to ensure that every child irrespective of background challenge or need is able to progress. We provide resources, coaching, and training in parent engagement, closing the learning gap , mental health and well being, and addressing the digital divide, whilst supporting leaders in crisis strategy and planning.    

David understands the importance of young people’s mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19 and shares our purpose. He has stepped in to support and contribute towards funding the extensive AFA programmes for his junior and senior schools. He has also been in conversation with the head teacher at his primary school and continues to provide support for all children in his home community.

DHT David’s Junior School:  "What has been noticeable that during the first ‘lockdown’ and school closure for most pupils, was that teachers had the skills to be able to make phone calls to all families.  We feel that the training and the experience teachers had stood them in good stead and gave them the confidence to make hold these phone conversations."  

During the pandemic, schools working with Achievement for All, have had great parental engagement systems in place that have enabled them to communicate effectively with parents and carers. This is key to not only helping with emotional health and wellbeing but also with raising student achievement and success.

Acting Head teacher …. said that he could not have survived the last year without the leadership coaching from AFA; We have coached him and his staff in key areas:

  • Vision, values and shifting the culture and dialogue to increased expectations of what all children can achieve.
  • a catalyst in embedding a much stronger and well thought through curriculum plan that parents have already commented on across social media in noticing the improved engagement, enthusiasm, and progress of their children.   In a small community, this shift in language in the community is significant.
  • this is not a usual AFA Schools programme scenario but shows the need for schools …to have access to effective coaching at all levels of the staff team.

David’s support extends beyond the schools he attended, leading the Achievement for All 200 million minutes reading challenge since its original 100 million minutes launch in 2016. David has a deep-rooted commitment to the importance of reading and the engagement of parents and their child’s enjoyment of books and words. David is leading the charge on our 200 million minutes reading challenge which is available to all, with free literacy resources for Early Years, Schools, Libraries, Home School and Colleges.


Charities and children need the support of role models. David provides such support for Achievement for All. We are pleased to announce that David Gandy has teamed up with @cookalongtv to increase our profile and to raise some money our charity. We hope that you will enjoy the event, and that you will also contribute to increasing our support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in our communities just as David has continued to support those from his hometown and beyond.

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