We are delighted to announce that Achievement for All Education Trust, a not for profit organisation, has been granted Sponsor and Multi Academy Trust status by the Department for Education and will be forming a Multi Academy Trust (MAT).

The Achievement for All Education Trust wants to transform lives through improved educational opportunities and outcomes for all children and young people.

Our aim is to provide a quality, inclusive education for all pupils of all abilities, including those identified with challenges, needs or disadvantage, resulting in happy, engaged, motivated learners and staff.

We want our schools to retain their local identity and autonomy with enhanced capacity to support continuous improvement and opportunities for development. We will do this by creating a family of schools that share common values, champion inclusion and success for all and focus on the ambitions of their students above all else.

Park House School has been identified as the Lead School within the South-Central Hub – the first of three potential regional partnership clusters.  There will now be a period of consultation with yourselves, parents and carers, students and other partner colleagues.

Over the past two years, Park House School and Achievement for All have been working closely with the Department for Education to design a Multi Academy Trust that puts children and young people at the centre of everything we do.