We are thrilled to have the support of our wonderful Ambassadors

David Gandy 

Top British model David Gandy got involved in March 2015 and says he is passionate about getting education working for everyone:

"One in five children are underachieving at school and falling way behind their classmates. For them the future is bleak. Achievement for All is changing that on a huge scale. By supporting this charity you are literally opening up the gates of opportunity for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Together let’s make sure 100% of children are helped to be the best they can be."

As well as featuring our work in a number of articles and media appearances, David picked up a paint brush and helped redecorate a room for Achievement for All pupils in Maria Fidelis Catholic School in Camden.

Kate Grey

Kate Grey lost her left hand at 2 years old following a freak accident. At the age of 4 her parents encouraged her to learn to swim; it was a daunting task for Kate who was afraid of deep water and struggled to balance with one hand but she persevered and went on to swim regularly at her local club.

Kate never let her disability hold her back, and alongside club swimming she also pursued a number of other sports including netball, athletics, tennis and horse riding. At the age of 10 she was offered the chance to compete in her first disability swimming competition.

In 2002, aged just 13, Kate was earmarked as a potential Paralympian and she has been representing Great Britain for almost 10 years.

Kate has been an Achievement for All Ambassador since 2014, she says:

"Working with children and young people to help them achieve their full potential has always been a passion of mine. So it is a pleasure and privilege to support Achievement for All, because like me this charity believes that every child matters."

Henry Winkler

"Every child has greatness inside them. We need to help them dig it out and give it to the world." (Henry speaking on the Achievement for All My Way Tour of schools in the South West in 2014)
Henry Winkler is a Hollywood actor, producer and director who is most famous for playing The Fonz in a TV show called Happy Days. Now, he is the author of best-selling children's novels and CBBC series Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever. Henry is dyslexic and shares Achievement for All's passion to inspire greatness in every child. He has been an Achievement for All Ambassador since 2012.