At the heart of everything we do are: aspiration, access attainment and achievement – building the core in every child. These principles drive our programmes, which are adapted to suit the needs of the children and young people with whom we work, from pre-school to post-16.

  • As part of aspiration, our children, pupils and students learn “I can” – developing ways to build confidence and ambition
  • With access comes “I do” – a focus on independence and self-development which encourages them to take responsibility for their own progress
  • Attainment is explored through the phrase “I have” – an opportunity for pupils and students to consider all that they have learned, reflecting on the processes that will take them where they want to go
  • Last, but not least, achievement means that every child and young person can identify with “I am” – a vital part of our work, giving children and young people the power to recognise their successes, and strengthen their desire to engage with the educational journey

It is our intention to provoke debate and new ways of thinking through evidence-based practice and processes such as workshops, structured conversations, and shared online resources. Only by doing this can we help create new futures, transform culture, and truly guarantee achievement for all.