Achievement for All has worked in close partnership with Microsoft on UK and global education initiatives over the past five years.

Achievement for All provided all the material for a complete learning pathway to be made available to educators around the world, focusing on the need to be “digitally inclusive”: demand has exceeded expectations, with over 200,000 course completions over the past three years!

Many of our Achievement Coaches have been trained to MIE standards (Microsoft Innovator in Education), we have participated in field trials of Microsoft product developments such as Immersive Reader, and we have led professional development sessions for NASEN and Whole School SEND networks on the importance of being digitally inclusive.

Some of our latest activity is focussed on how assistive and social technologies can transform education outcomes for marginalised and vulnerable children and young people, such as new migrants and children with SEND. In a post-Covid world, these tools and ideas become more and more relevant to schools looking to reach out to their learners through digital technologies.

See below for links that we hope give you pause to think, reflect and perhaps consider a new way forward.




An excellent source of materials aimed at getting the most out of digital technologies to empower learning



In a world where everything (from banking to benefits, shopping to government services) is online, it is essential that schools create a digitally rich learning environment that supports the needs of every learner. Achievement for All is a leading educational charity that enables all children and young people to succeed regardless of background, challenge or need. In a partnership with Microsoft, we offer a learning path that will create a more digitally inclusive school community, unlocking progress and achievement for all children.



We will constantly update this section in light of Covid-19 and the challenges it has created.


A quick tip video on how to Translate a Word document to another language (60+ supported) in a few clicks

A new quick tip video showing how to Translate a Word doc to 60+ languages in a few clicks.  Great for non-native speakers (ELL in the US) students or their parents. Free in O365 web & part of Desktop & Mac

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A quick tip video on how to use Immersive Reader in Teams Assignments, Messages Posts and Chat

A quick tip video 📽 show how to use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Teams Assignments, Message Posts and Chat. Ensure built-in inclusion and accessibility when moving to distance learning 💯

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A quick tip video on using live captions and subtitles (+65 languages) in PowerPoint

A quick tip video 📽 on how to turn on and use real-time captions & subtitles (in 65+ languages) using PowerPoint Desktop, Mac or web (free!) Give more inclusive presentations 💯  

Quick tip video showing the Immersive Reader in the new Microsoft Edge browser

A quick tip video 📽 showing the built-in Immersive Reader in the new Edge browser. Any student can use this at home for reading accessibility during remote learning. 

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A quick tip video showing Dictation (speech-to-text) across Office 365 and Windows 10

A quick tip video 📽 showing the built-in Dictation features in the free Office365 web apps, Office 365 Desktop apps, and Windows 10.  Speech-to-text is a helpful accessibility feature to use at home during remote learning.

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