Achievement for All is working on a range of projects across the globe that align to our approach and our ethos. In doing so, we bring successful international innovation within reach of UK education settings: the advantages of international partnership working are mutual.

For example, Achievement for All has joined an established European network that is working hard to improve education and life outcomes for children and young people affected by migration.

The 10.5 million European Children Affected by Migration (CAM) who are refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants, including the 2.5 Million Children Left Behind whose parents/carers migrate in order to work, are among the most needy and vulnerable children in Europe, made worse by Covid-19

The ICAM (Including Children Affected by Migration) partnership project is being developed in two ways: Achievement for All is leading the BeCSR initiative (online safety and security online to prevent bullying, grooming and radicalisation) and working across Europe to develop the most efficient and effective ways to roll-out the ICAM programme across whole cities and Local Authority areas. We are looking forward to working closely with Coventry schools to begin the roll-out in England. We are already working with partner schools in Spain, Italy and Romania: we are looking to extend core work into Greece and Bulgaria in the near future.

We also have leadership development activity with partners in Norway, South Korea, Latvia and Lithuania.

Finally, we continue to develop an excellent partnership with Microsoft. Our Inclusive Educator Pathway with the Microsoft Educator Community has already amassed 200,000 course completions world-wide… and as new digital developments come into being, we work with Microsoft to ensure our partners get rapid communications regarding potential and impact.