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The Achievement for All Schools Programme is our flagship programme for primary and secondary schools, academies and free schools; PRUs; and for special schools. Designed by school leaders and other education professionals, more than 2000 schools and academies have worked with Achievement for All.

Every year, for the past five years, it has been shown to close the achievement gap between children deemed vulnerable to underachievement - including those on free school meals, looked-after children, and those identified with SEND - and their peers.

The attainment gap can and is being closed between more disadvantaged children and young people and their peers. In many cases they have 'caught up' and in our partner schools we have had children who entered the school with no expectation of future success leaving to go to college or university and going on to get great jobs.

A step-by-step guide

Schools initially sign up for two years and are assigned an Achievement Coach who supports them through coaching visits, professional development and training to implement the programme in a way tailored to the needs of that individual school.

The support of an Achievement Coach

Every one of our Coaches is a qualified teacher with a senior leadership background in school or in a local authority.

They will work with you through a Needs Analysis to identify and prioritise the areas you want to focus on and agree with you an Action Plan that includes regular coaching visits, training, and professional development sessions to support you in the delivery of this.

Online learning platform - 24 hours a day

Alongside this you will have access to our on-line learning platform The Bubble providing on-line training and an ever-increasing bank of resources, tools and knowledge. You can choose when and where you access The Bubble to fit the times best suited to you and your team.


The schools programme is structured as a modular approach and designed around four interdependent elements.

You may feel you are stronger in one area and weaker in another and your Coach will help you to reflect on this and identify your key objectives.

All schools follow the core modules of each of these elements - then you can opt in to the appropriate tailored modules within one or more of the elements to support the delivery of your school's key objectives - your Achievement Coach is there to help guide and support you in this.

View the current list of tailored modules here.

You will also have access to specialist modules developed by external expert partners from across the education sector. These focus on the particular needs of specific groups of children, for example in speech, language and communication; mental health and wellbeing; and bullying.

View the current list of partner modules here.

Tools, resources, opportunities to participate in focus groups and other pilots, the on-going support of your Achievement Coach and membership of a broad community of practice nationally and internationally will all support you to successfully implement the Achievement for All schools programme.

"We have pupils who have learned to read who would not have expected to read. That's because of the interventions we have brought in under the Achievement for All programme." Melissa Bradshaw, Head Teacher, Heart of the Forest Community Special School

Read more about the work of Heart of the Forest here.

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